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 Finnish traditions?
23.12.2007 02:45 | Kadzgu

I've been postponing preparing Finnish lunch for my flatmates, as I'm not the most traditional person there is and therefore can't think of any dish that would represent both me and Finland. But now I feel obliged to make one tomorrow (today) and still don't have a clue of what I'm going to cook.

As most of you know, my cookings are usually called thingie-things since they have no recipe at all, they are just stuff I add together depending on whether I want to have thingies with things or things with thingies. And that's hardly traditional. Tricky. Oh well, I'll sort it out eventually, and I only said I'll do it tomorrow if I get to the bottom of this as in find some ideas for it. Any help is useful and needed now.

 - Kadzgu | Kommentoi

 My first 7 weeks and 4 days
05.12.2007 01:11 | Kadzgu

As some of you already know, I am trying hard to become a vegetarian. For those, to whom this was unexpected and shocking, I don't give my apologies.

I have mostly been eating cereals or equivalent for breakfast, pasta, wok or panini for lunch and depending on the lunch and my energy level, pasta or fruits or whatever for dinner. The point is, that I have managed to have at least 3 meals most of the days.

From now on I promise to update this section more regularly as well. Well, any frequency bigger than none is more. Having said that, I'm off to bed now, so that I'll be up early enough to have my cereals.

 - Kadzgu | Kommentoi

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